• The Admission Procedure ensures that the Academy welcomes those pupils who are likely to be most receptive to the educational ideal of the Founder. The Academy considers many factors in selecting its pupils, both academic and social. At present, some 90 per cent of the pupil body is Malawian, with the rest coming from as far afield as Sierra Leone and South Africa. The Academy welcomes applications from all prospective pupils, regardless of origin.

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Pre-GCSE (Forms 1-3): Interview and written examinations.

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GCSE (Form Four): Interview, written examinations and a Report from previous school.


Advanced Level (Lower Sixth): Interview, successful completion of MSCE, six GCSE passes or equivalent, Reports from previous school and An English aptitude test.

Accounts Department

For all your financial and fees arrangements, any problem you meet don't hesitate to contact the us.

HouseHold Department

Uniforms, beddings and hostels cleanliness, above all these the sanitation around the school to keep Kamuzu Academy clean.

Dining Department

Boarding students get high quality food, 5star hotel standard food for healthy living.