Online Learning

From April 20th we will be using Google Classroom in order to provide high quality on-line lessons to your children. Instructions about how students will to set up their Google Classroom account and access their personal learning tasks will be sent to you in due course via email, Whatsapp and through the school web page (

This is a platform which is being used by thousands of schools across the world at the moment, in order to deliver remote teaching to children whose schools have closed. It enables students to access resources, post their work and receive feedback from teachers, as well as being able to communicate directly with their teacher to ask for clarification or further support. Once the on-line Google classroom content is set up at the start of the third term, students will be provided with daily lessons and a timetable to follow.We urge you to ensure that your children undertake this work, as it is vitally important that they stay connected with the school and continue to learn in the weeks and months ahead.